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Upstream Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

View E&P data in a real-time dashboard. Improve decisions through better information. Real-time data access. Good business decisions depend on it. We locate it wherever it resides. We correlate it and deliver it for analysis. We tie it back to

Capital Planning

Capital Planning

Integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting & scheduling. Real-time access to data. Instant lookbacks, forecasts, and scenario analysis. Enerpact Capital Planning connects data from E&P systems for budgeting, forecasting and scheduling. Combine reserves, drilling schedules and capital into one budget. Access data

Elecctronic Authorization for Expenditure


Connect to any data application. Drive efficient well data management. AFEs (Authorizations for Expenditure) are critical to oil & gas decision making. They provide the blueprint for each well. Virtually everyone contributes to or is guided by the AFE. Success depends on

Derivative Management

Enerpact Derivative Management

Accurately and expediently report your current hedge positions against your forecasted future production. Forecast your future cash flow in a variety of commodity price or interest rate environments and through live pricing feeds. Determine your monthly derivative settlements. Many E&P

Elecctronic Authorization for Expenditure

Enerpact WellFiles

Increase well file access, security and efficiency. No more storage rooms, file drawers and missing data. Create, track and update your well files. Manage all well-related documents over the life of the well. Enerpact WellFiles is the only electronic file

Oil and Gas Invoice Processing

APX e-Invoicing

Receive and route invoices electronically. State-of-the-art business intelligence integration with all leading O&G software for unparalleled reporting. Access all field estimates, purchase order and accounting data sources in real-time. APX ties invoices to AFEs and makes it easy to review well costs in real-time.

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